Why Techworking? (Part 1 of 2)

In an October, 2006 New York Times article, titled “New York Bets on High-Tech to Aid Upstate,” (preview here, full article behind pay-wall) reporter Steve Lohr writes that most of the chips in the very popular XBox360, Wii, and PS3 game consoles are made in relative obscurity in IBM’s Fishkill plant.

With IBM and NXP in Fishkill, and AMD and others in Albany, the Tech Valley effort to bring more high-tech manufacturing to the Hudson Valley seems to be paying off. But the article went on to say of the effort that “nurturing high-technology hubs, development experts say, is tricky, and simply making big investments in factories and labs is no guarantee of success.”

Indeed. There’s a lot of technology going on here in the Hudson Valley. And IBM isn’t exactly what you’d call a hidden gem. And yet…it doesn’t feel like there’s a correspondingly large and diverse tech community in the Hudson Valley. The big fortune 500 companies are here, but what seems to be missing are the smaller start-ups and loose social networking opportunities for chip engineers, software designers, code monkeys, and Web geeks to get together and stumble upon new ideas, new friends, and maybe new colleagues.

There definitely are vibrant groups dedicated to specific interests. Some of them are included in the blogroll on the right. But I see room for a broader effort aimed at attracting and nourishing tech companies, workers and entrepreneurs in the Hudson Valley. And so, this blog is my small part toward that end. More details on what my goals for this blog are and what kinds of things I’ll cover to follow.


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