YouTube/RPI Redux

Thanks to Times Union business reporter Larry Rulison and his editors for this. I wrote to Larry on Saturday after this story on RPI’s YouTube haul turned up in my feed reader and, at about the same time, a friend and daily Times Union reader e-mailed to say that he had pointed Larry my recent post on the matter.

I mentioned to Larry that I thought some credit was due since I’d dug out the information on RPI from the SEC filing. Larry did original reporting on top of what I found a wrote full story, but I still felt that a small nod or at least a link was in order. I’ll concede that the question of whether I deserved credit and how much could be open to debate, and reasonable people can disagree. I know from my years as a reporter that most papers would have said so and left it at that. But Larry made his case, and then he made it right. What’s more, he did it on his day off. I appreciate that.

And for those of you who arrived here from the Buzz Blog and are wondering what the deal is with Techworking, I’ll tell you what I told Larry: I’m someone who works on the Web and is interested in technology issues and seeing the Hudson Valley tech industry thrive.

TechValley is great, but let’s face it: for all the talk of 18 counties, most of the action in TechValley really happens in the Capital Region. My hope for this young space is to bring awareness to tech happenings in the mid-Hudson Valley, where I live. Sure, we’ve got IBM and NXP. But I’m also trying to find and write about the startups and networking events that complete a healthy tech ecosystem. If you have any ideas or stories to share, please let me know in the comments or at gacannon [AT] gmail [DOT] com. Thanks.


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