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TechValley Links


TechValley Links (and a “whatever happend to…” question)


  • Nation’s oldest worker is a retired IBMer who got his start in Poughkeepsie. (via Burlington Free Press)
  • RPI and Albany Law to host “Patenting for Entrepreneurs” (via Albany TU)
  • First Tech Valley H.S. class starts tomorrow in MapInfo office. Science and Chinese on the curriculum. (via Albany TU)
  • Troy’s BelWo Inc. puts a local face outsourced programmers. (The Business Review)
  • …and now for the question: the Woodstock Film Festival is coming together. What about Woodstock2.0, which is scheduled for the same place/time? Haven’t seen any developments and can’t get into the wiki. Anyone?

TechValley Links – (Mostly) Big Blue Edition

  • Advantage Capital moves its New York office from Manhattan to…Glens Falls? Maybe this will help address this issue.
  • Hudson River water starts flowing through 13-mile pipeline from Poughkeepsie to IBM’s Fishkill plant.
  • IBMers can take vacation whenever they like. Inevitably, some end up taking little or none. Is greater flexibility worth the trade-off of fewer days? I think so.
  • NY gets a “D” on economic growth index. Talk about grade inflation. 😉
  • IBM to support Sun‘s Solaris.

TechValley Links (Oink Oink Edition)


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Local Pork – $200K of federal money tagged for Albany Wi-Fi.

BBQ’d Pork – TechConnex summer BBQ networking event Thursday, July 19 in Renssealer.

TechValley Links (now with chewy caramel!)


  • BPlan Prize – The upcoming Summit in TechValley will feature a $100,000 business plan competition. There’s a March 12 deadline and a $150 entry fee. Good luck!


  • Maps and Guitars – I don’t see the connection either. But the Times Union brings word of a MapInfo contest that will award a guitar signed by the Rolling Stones to someone who uploads a song or video about why MapInfo rocks. I see that the company’s upcoming conference is in Seattle and there’s the Experience Music Project tie-in, but… I’m all for tapping the creativity of your community, but why not leave the guitars to the music business and reward people with something cartographic in nature. Like this $2K globe, perhaps?

TechValley Links

TechValley Links

  • Calendar Know a tech company or entrepreneur worthy of a little recognition? The Center for Economic Growth is taking nominations for its 11th Annual Technology Awards to be presented at an April 11 luncheon in Albany.
  • IBM – A former employee at Big Blue’s East Fishkill chip plant is suing the company for $5 million under the American with Disabilities Act after being fired for spending company time in an adult chat room.

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